Paul is commited to help you transform the culture of your organisation through the implementation of a Mindful Body & Spirit Workplace Wellness Program. While one-off bookings are welcome, in order to truly reap the rewards of a corporate wellness package, a long term approach is integral.

Although the effects of movement and mindfulness can be felt immediately, regular sessions provide the greatest opportunity to feel the benefits of a Mindful Body & Spirit wellness program. By implementing one or more weekly sessions, Paul can gain a greater insight into the stress management needs of your organisation.

Week by week sessions:

3 sessions in a week

$150 per session

Best value for teams that would like to try all types of movement practices in one week.

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2 sessions in a week

$200 per session

If you think you will feel refreshed after your first session then why not invest in another.

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1 session in a week

$250 per session

Add one session of wellness to your working week.

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12 week term

$300 per session

A 12 week term will reap the best reward making wellness an integral part of your workplace culture.

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10 week term

$325 per session

Still a great value package with all the wellness benefits for a slightly shorter term period.

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8 week term

$350 per session

Shorter term packages are perfect for teams or workplaces unable to make the longer investment.

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6 week term

$375 per session

A package to experience a cultural shift towards workplace wellness without the long term investment

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