As a mobile business, Mindful Body & Spirit delivers corporate workplace wellness programs directly to you. Sessions can be held in your office or outdoors. Workplace Wellness sessions are typically 45 minutes and can be run at lunchtime, before, during or after hours. To ensure peace of mind for you and your organisation, Paul is fully qualified, holds a current First Aid & CPR certificate, and is covered by Guild Insurance for Professional Indemnity ($5 million) and Public Indemnity ($10 million) Paul can work with you to develop a workplace wellness program that suits the needs of your organisation. Here are the most popular Mindful Body and Spirit corporate workplace wellness programs.

Movement & Mindfulness Packages:

+ Mindful Movement

Relax and recharge with the mindful movements of Yoga, Pilates and Qigong.

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+ Stress Less

Manage your stress with practical mindfulness, meditation and relaxation techniques.

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+ TeamFit

Team Fit is a fun, active and convenient way to connect with your colleagues.

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