What is Qigong?

Qigong is an ancient Chinese wellness practice. Qi translates to ‘vital energy’ or ‘life force’, while gong means ‘work’ or ‘cultivation’. Therefore, qigong is the practice of cultivating and working with life energy. Qi is pronounced “chee” and can also be thought of as our ‘sense of vitality’ or ‘aliveness’. Gong can be pronounced either as “gong” or “gung”. Just as yoga is it’s own complete system of holistic wellbeing, so too is qigong. Rooted in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Daoism and Zen Buddhism, qigong encompasses movement, meditation, energy healing, philosophy, spirituality and conscious living. As a movement practice, qigong is a combination of flowing movements, standing postures and gentle stretches.

The Mindful Body & Spirit approach to Qigong.

Each Mindful Body & Spirit qigong session is an opportunity to experience mindfulness in motion. Paul gently guides his students through the subtle art of cultivating qi, often reminding his clients to “slow down” and remember that “less is more” in order to reap the maximum benefits from the practice. Based on the Integrative Qigong of Lee Holden and Nicole Betts, Mindful Body & Spirit qigong is contemporary, accessible and easy going. Influences of yoga, reiki and shiatsu can also be found in Paul’s qigong classes.


“I really enjoy my sessions with Paul. He knows how to tailor to your needs and has a great balance between mindfulness and movement. Highly recommend him!”

Bianca Shepherd

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