What is Pilates?

Joseph Pilates devised his system of movement during the early to middle twentieth century,during his life in Germany, the UK and USA. Pilates and his wife Clara originally called their method ‘Contrology’, signifying the use of the mind to control the movement and function of the body. Pilates was an innovator who formulated his eponymous method from his own personal experiences, and by drawing inspiration from hatha yoga, calisthenics, gymnastics, martial arts, ballet and resistance training. The major principles of Pilates include: breathing, concentration, centering, flow, alignment, precision, endurance and relaxation. With it’s strong emphasis on deep core engagement and postural intervention, Pilates has become an antidote to sedentary 21st century lifestyles.

The Mindful Body & Spirit approach to Pilates.

Influenced by classical and contemporary Pilates, ballet barre, and functional movement, Paul fuses dynamic movements and static stretches with mindfulness techniques to create a refreshing blend of Pilates. Posture, alignment, core connection, conscious breathing and body awareness form the foundation of a Mindful Body & Spirit Pilates Session. Paul firmly believes that practising Pilates enables us to have better quality of movement, and therefore a better quality of life.


“Pilates with Paul is my weekly workout. Paul is dedicated and extremely focussed. He merges professionality and fun, with attention to both the individual and the group. Paul’s classes are down to earth, and adaptable to all levels and abilities. Highly recommended!”

Giampietro Pascasi

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