Paul’s manifesto

“Through Mindful Body and Spirit I am able to live out my purpose: to educate and empower other people to become better human beings through movement and mindfulness. For me, Mindful Body and Spirit is more than just a business; it is a vehicle for self actualisation, for me and my clients.”

Paul's Experience

Paul has worked in the industry for over ten years, as a gym instructor, personal trainer, group fitness instructor, and now as the sole owner and operator of Mindful Body & Spirit.

Through Mindful Body & Spirit, Paul has taught a diverse range of people, in a variety of contexts. From world-class health clubs, to suburban gyms; from boutique inner-city studios, to neighbourhood houses; from international music festivals, to industry conferences; from white-collar boardrooms to blue-collar tearooms; from elite private schools to alternative public schools.

One of Paul’s greatest strengths is his ability to relate, communicate and connect with people from all walks of life. Paul is committed to making movement and mindfulness accessible to everyone. With his background in teaching, Paul is equipped with the skill set to make this possible.

Paul's Qualifications

In addition to his array of fitness and wellness qualifications, Paul also holds a Bachelor of Teaching (ACU 2010); a Bachelor of Arts in Humanities & English, (ACU 2010); and a Graduate Diploma in Information Management, (RMIT 2013).

  • Certificate III in Fitness, YMCA 2007
  • Certificate IV in Fitness, FIA FitNation 2014
  • Boxing Instructor Certificate, Punchfit 2014
  • Yoga Instructor Certificate, YogaFit 2014
  • Pilates Mat Instructor Certificate, Studio Pilates 2014
  • Integrative Qigong Teacher Training, Pursuit of Wellness 2017
  • Reiki Level 1, Om Reiki 2017
  • First Aid & CPR (current)
Paul from Mindful Body and Spirit

Paul's Teaching Style

“We learn through teaching”


Paul is a natural born teacher with an innate ability to simplify and communicate complex ideas.Through Mindful Body & Spirit, Paul is able to transform subtle ideas of yoga, Pilates, qigong and mindfulness into real life experiences for his clients.

Paul caters for the diverse needs, abilities and learning styles of his clients, through the combined use of visual, auditory and kinaesthetic instructions. Paul uses language that is straightforward, avoiding jargon and obscure terms wherever possible. Questions are always welcome and laughter is thoroughly appreciated!

Paul aims to be as non-invasive as possible, respecting personal space and boundaries by using precise verbal cueing and only adjusting clients when necessary. Paul knows when to talk and when to keep quiet, allowing his students to enjoy the silence of the present moment.

Paul is an intuitive teacher who prefers going with the flow rather than having a strict plan. Paul sees himself as a facilitator of learning, enabling his students to grow, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Paul’s modesty and gratitude for his role as a teacher shines through when he says: “my students are my greatest teachers.”

In each Mindful Body & Spirit class, you can guarantee a strong emphasis on:

  • safety and effectiveness
  • comfort and relaxation
  • alignment and posture
  • core engagement
  • conscious breathing
  • listening to your body
  • a sense of humour and a playful attitude