Employees practising workplace wellness

Workplace Wellness

Implementing a Mindful Movement program at your organisation will benefit your employees’ wellbeing, boost your balance sheet, and help to reduce the mental health crisis currently plaguing our society.

Mental illness is estimated to be costing the Australian economy more than $180 billion per year. With staff turnover costs projected to balloon to over $3.8 billion annually.

Long term, regular Mindful Movement sessions will return over $2.30 for every dollar invested on retaining your most precious resource, your staff.

Mindful Movement

Mindful Movement combines the best of mindfulness and movement to give your employees a unique workplace wellness experience.

Integrating elements from Yoga, Chi Gong, Pilates and Functional Training, Mindful Movement is a holistic approach to stress management and daily living.

All Mindful Movement sessions are tailored and personalised to the physical, mental, emotional and energetic needs of your employees.

Employees practising mindful movement


Mindful Movement uses scientific, evidence based approaches to minimising stress and increasing staff wellbeing. Weekly Mindful Movement sessions will give your staff simple, practical and relevant techniques to move and be mindful, with minimal disruption to the work day.

Mindful Movement will help your employees to:

  • become more present and engaged
  • improve time management
  • enhance decision making
  • improve job satisfaction
  • effectively collaborate
  • increase productivity
  • improve motivation
  • increase efficiency
  • manage emotions
  • prevent injury
  • boost mood

Mindful Movement in your workplace

Show your company’s commitment to staff wellbeing by implementing a Mindful Movement program at your workplace today.

Choose from one or more Mindful Movement sessions every week, before, during and after work hours.

Mindful Movement can be taught onsite in your workplace, or offsite at a nearby park. To minimise disruption, Mindful Movement can also be delivered directly to your staff at their workstation, without the need to get changed or have a shower afterwards.

All Mindful Movement corporate wellness programs are based on a 12 month contract, enabling your employees to feel the long term benefits of practising Mindful Movement.

A year long Mindful Movement program will give your organisation the best opportunity to transform your workplace culture, empower your staff, and lift your company’s bottom line.

By investing in a Mindful Movement workplace wellness program, your organisation will be helping to combat the mental health crisis that is currently plaguing our society and impacting our economy.

Mindful Movement at your workplace will help your organisation:

  • increase employee wellbeing and staff satisfaction
  • become more attractive to potential recruits
  • create a healthy workplace culture
  • minimise WorkCover claims
  • reduce staff turnover costs
  • prevent OHS injuries
  • increase efficiency
  • boost productivity

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Please fill out the form with all your details and Paul will contact you ASAP. Alternatively you can contact Paul on 0400 341 325 or hello@bemindfulnow.com.au

Mindful Body & Spirit Clients

Picture of paul daniele from Mindful Body and Spirit
Paul Daniele, Owner & Operator

About Paul

With over 10 years of wellness and fitness industry experience, Paul Daniele is a qualified, experienced and insured workplace wellness provider, specialising in teaching Mindful Movement to the corporate sector.

As a corporate wellbeing coach, Paul is passionate about collaborating directly with organisations to improve employee wellbeing through Mindful Movement. Since 2015, Paul has helped to increase staff wellbeing at some of Australia’s largest corporations, municipal councils, schools and hospitals.

Paul’s qualifications include: Postgraduate Diploma in Information and Business Management, Bachelor of Teaching, Bachelor of Arts, Diploma of Yoga Teaching, Certificates 3 & 4 in Fitness, Instructor Certificates in Chi Gong, Pilates, Functional Training, and Boxing. Paul has current First Aid & CPR, as well as Public and Professional Liability Insurance.

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